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Why I run. (Also why running is stupid,I hate it and it’s dumb.)

I’m not a runner.  I run but I’m not a runner.  Before a month ago the most I had ever walk/jogged was in my junior year of high school when I had to run the mile.   I huffed, puffed and weezed through that mile 15 years ago.  So to reiterate, I’ve started running and I [...]



7/10/14: Barton County Fair w/ Audio Adrenaline.  8pm

7/26/14: Zion Lutheran Church, 565 South Marian Road, Hastings Nebraska 7:30pm

9/5/14: Restored Church, All City Praise.

9/6/14: Kansas State fair  Bretz and Young Arena3:30 pm

9/6/14: Kansas state fair 5:15 pm Gottshalk stage

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