What if Tim never shared Jesus with me?

Part #1A- Our house mix:

Our family constantly has the radio on.  It actually drives my wife nuts but she is outnumbered.  Three to one.  Booyah!  If you follow me on Spotify, you’ll see music pumps in our house constantly.  It’s not oxygen but it’s pretty close. 

Our set lists range from party mix… (think Miami Sound machine, The final countdown)

to FX’s eating mix (Run DMC, Van Halen…Hey it helps my son eat!). 

I love our worship mix.  (I’m loving me the new Hillsong CD and we still jam out on The City Harmonic.)

Well, before bed we have two mixes.   One is the lullaby mix which includes a lot of Sarah Groves.  The other is the Mellow mix.  Today we were listening to the mellow mix.  It includes some nice mellow Delirious, sigur ros and of course Switchfoot.  Today the song “Home” came on.  I love the break down.  The violins are chugging and ultimately build to the last verse.  In the song he looks back at who he was and who he is.  Today the song struck me and forced me to look back at what is and what might have been. 

Part 2- Life without God:

Where would I be today without God?   I thought of myself as a good guy before I came to understand the depth of what was accomplished on the cross.  I doubt I would be dead today without Jesus but life would be different. 

If I didn’t know Jesus, I would’ve tried to have sex with about any cute girl who would let me in my High School.  Sorry if that creeps you out.  It was who I was.  Most likely I would’ve at some point been stupid and gotten a girl pregnant for a momentary pleasure.  Being a guy of “principal” I’m sure I would’ve married her.


I’m not going to claim I would’ve had a DUI or died in some big bank heist, but I would’ve married someone out of duty who I didn’t love.  This would have been devastating.   Rather than marry the woman of my dreams, I would’ve married the woman of the moment.  Would we agree on stuff?  Would we care about the same things?  Probably not.  Why would I think such a macabre thought when I ended up with my rad wife? 

Well, it reminds me of the grace I have received.  I love my wife more than I ever have.  Perhaps it’s the fact the she loves Jesus and integrity oozes out of her.  Perhaps it’s the fact that she puts everyone before herself and is willing to serve our special needs son to the point of exhaustion.  Perhaps it’s because she’s a stone cold fox.  Or maybe it’s because she loves football.

Lately I have been reminded how “lucky” I am to have been blessed the way I have.  I don’t deserve such a beautiful family.  I don’t deserve to have been in music ministry for over 12 years now.  I don’t deserve to be forgiven for the grievous mistakes I’ve made that I cannot undue.   However, I am forgiven and it makes every day sweeter.

Part #1B- Home

If you’ll recall the song “Home” by Switchfoot, it is actually more than just a general reminder of where I’ve been.  It is a metaphorical place marker in my Christian life.  I had a good friend name Tim.  Actually I had three friends name Tim.  This dude was little Tim.  Tim was in my dude’s choir and was a generally cool dude.  At some point something changed in Tim and I took notice.  He acted differently.  After a while I came to know Tim as a Christian.   Tim took an interest in me and invested his friendship in me.  Sometimes he also gave me pointers on the dorky clothes I wore and even gave me his shoes once.
       Tim and I would sit and talk theology for hours.  I would tell him why Christianity was a fake religion and he would share with me about Jesus.  His sincerity, honesty and care won me over and I was willing to hear more about this Jesus. 

He took me to youth group on Wednesday nights at College Avenue Baptist Church about 30 minutes away and then on Sunday nights drove me to Horizon Church where a man named Miles McPherson shared from the word of God.   This resulted in about 2 hours of schlepping me around per week and I often still made fun of Christianity.  However, on every drive he encouraged me and we listened to music.  We listened to bands like Dogwood, Tasty Snacks, Slick Shoes, Delirious and Switchfoot.  I can still remember hearing Switchfoot and their song “Home” on those drives.   

Today, Tim and I are still good friends.  We have been in each other’s weddings.  We have been in bands together.  When my dad was dying, he picked me up at the airport and took me straight to him.  He comforted me through my dad’s passing and even took me surfing while I grieved.  While he is 1500+ miles away our love for Christ bonds us.  He is my brother.  I love him and I am grateful for him. 

Part 3- Conclusion:
God used Tim.  Tim reached out to an awkward guy who wanted two things, girls and acceptance.  He could not offer me girls but his friendship is important to me 15+ years later.  Because Tim was willing to be used I have been in ministry for way over a decade.  Because Tim loved me I found a beautiful wife who loves Jesus. 

Who is God calling you to love today?  I am not asking you, “Who is God calling you to convert?”   I am asking you: Who is God calling you to love?

You may get the chance to share Christ with them, but ultimately it’s up to God.  Why not pray about who God is calling you to love today.  Then be intentional.  Spend time with them.  Invite them to things.  Share your life with them.  Be honest with them about victories and struggles.  Perhaps they will start ministries.  Perhaps God will use them.  Perhaps they will be missionaries to the Congo.

But they can’t get there until you love them. 

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